Headshot photography

The Importance of Headshot Photography as Your Brand Evolves

I love when a client reaches out to me to update their headshots with a new look or style. It means they are taking steps to evolve their online brand and visual storytelling. Arezou Zarafshan is a great example of this transformation in action. I first took Arezou's professional headshots almost two years ago to complement the website we were building together for her new consulting business Arezou Zarafshan and Associates. She then reached out to me again a couple weeks ago as she is starting a new phase in her consulting and needs to update her website and social media to correspond. We started with the headshots, which are a good indication of where we will be headed with her new and improved website!

As illustrated with Arezou, a professional headshot is an essential aspect of your online brand, so it is always good to keep it relevant and updated across multiple online channels. For most of my client's this means LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, but also Instagram and Facebook can be great places to express your brand. 

Here are a few of the headshots from Arezou's recent session, as well the first headshot (last in the set) revealing the brand update. Hopefully, this will serve as some professional portrait inspiration for your own brand!